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Working in front of a computer? Ouch.

Ordering junk food from a delivery service? Uh.

Stuck to the television like a bee to honey? Nope.

These things, along with hundreds of other advancements of technology have led all of us into a sedentary life. As humans, we have stopped using parts of our body that were heavily used till a century back. We basically don't respect our body enough to put effort into maintaining it.

But hey, enough meta-talk. Philosophy has never motivated anyone to change their lives. So what will motivate you? Maybe one of the following category fits you.

1. The aspiring majority - Freud would say that 'sex' is the basis of everything. Darwin would tell you that progeny is what we live for. Or as Zuck and Insta would tell you, you need to post a social media worthy picture a day to maintain social status. And there are browny points for post-workout selfies. For all of this, you need to be attractive. And isn't this the most common reason why the majority of us like to build our bodies into war machines? Most certainly. But these people are aspiring. They take resolutions and then forget about it. Then repeat the cycle.

2. The hardcore - There are people who treat their bodies as temples (or are narcissists, but hey, whatever floats your boat). These are the ones who build themselves up for themselves, not for others.

3. The eternally lazy - These are folks who have convinced themselves they don't need to change themselves. They are truly beautiful in their flaws. And we should respect that.

We talk to the majority and the hardcore here. You are the ones who are in a position to take advantage of what we have to offer at GetSetHealth. Whether your goal is to lose weight, build up your strength, bulk up or maintain your physique, we want to take out the roadblocks (excuses?) for you not becoming your best healthy self.

1. Affordable - We have decided that these services need to be affordable. And we are going to make sure that is the case. If you find otherwise, please contact us! Maybe we can get you a discount?

2. Global - We work with trainers across the world. That means everyone should be able to find an online coach who is close to them, that they are comfortable with culturally.

3. Tracking - Our trainers will work with you to track your movements through the program. This makes sure you are on-track to meet your goals.

With the mission of getting fitness expertise to all corners of the world, we begin this journey here with this blog post! Please subscribe to our mailing list, answer our survey on our home page, and follow us on instagram/facebook.

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